Different Methods of Hair Restoration

Hair loss does not spare anybody and nowadays it has become very common among both men and women. As hair loss varies among different individual, it becomes necessary to visit hair transplant surgeon to find the cause. Surgical treatments are not always necessary to rectify the hair loss problems as some can be treated by non-surgical treatments such as medications and other treatments.People wonder about different methodsofhair restoration and how do they work? We will discuss about it at length.

Hair transplant is a method where a person can be successfully treated from his baldness and hair loss problems. Turkey is place where people avail this surgery because of its cost effectiveness. Hair transplant in Turkey has the best surgeons who have great success rate.

Hair transplant involves surgical techniques in which hair grafts are transplanted from the donor area to the recipient area. It is preferred by both the aged and youngsters as minimal invasive techniques are used. There are different types of hair restoration techniques such as:

  • Follicular unit extraction (FUE)
  • Bio FUE
  • Stem cell therapy

Follicular unit extraction (FUE)

Follicular unit extraction is the most popular technique for hair transplant and it is also used to restore eyebrows, beard, eyelashes and chest hair. FUE is different from skin grafting. The procedures of hair transplant are very advanced technically and natural looking hair is produced.

Procedure for FUE transplantation

During FUE surgery follicular units containing 1-4 hair are extracted by the surgeon from the donor area. This procedure is carried out under local anesthesia andsmall punches are made which range from 0.6 to 1mm. Recipient site is prepared by the doctor and then the grafts are inserted into the site by using special instrument. The hair follicles are removed one by one in FUE procedure so very tiny scars are formed due to which there is negligible pain. Biggest advantage of FUE is that the wound heals within seven days as no sutures are involved.

It is not a crime to take professional help to look good. Before taking a decision to get hair transplant done it makes sense to visit the hair doctor and discuss the pros and cons about the surgery.


What is Bio FUE?

You must be familiar with Follicular unit extraction but must be wondering about Bio- FUE? In Bio-FUE the area where the hair is transplanted is injected with the growth factors which are separated from the blood. It is an advanced technique which does not require stitches and so is painless. This technique has been fruitful and the outcome has been great. One of the biggest advantages of Bio-FUE is that it not only helps to strengthen the transplanted hair but also helps to strengthen the thinning hair follicles.

Bio-FUE uses the blood which is removed from the patient’s body and is re-injected into the recipient area. This helps in faster healing and increasing the growth of transplanted hair because of the regenerative cells present in the blood. Density and quality of hair improves because of Bio-FUE.

Procedure for Bio-FUE

  • The blood which is withdrawn from your body is injected into the donor site. It helps in faster healing due to regenerative cells in the blood.
  • Protein rich medium is used to wash the follicular units to prevent it from dying. It also helps to produce better results and strengthen the follicular units.
  • For better hair growth of transplanted hair and faster healing the cells are injected into the recipient area after the second step. Overall appearance and density of existing hair also increases because of Bio-FUE.

Who is eligible for Bio-FUE?

  • This procedure is most suitable for people who wear their hair short.
  • Bio-FUE is best for people who are scared of scars as it does not leave behind any linear scars.
  • Bio-FUE is of great help if there is scanty hair available in the donor site.

Visit to the hair specialist is recommended to get suggestions and opinions and clear the doubts if any.


Stem cell therapy

Stem cell therapy which is used as hair restoration technique for people who are suffering from excessive hair loss is on a rise.


What does stem cell mean?

Stem cells are able to differentiate into cells of special type. Stem cell belongs to mainly twosources and they are categorized according to their ability to differentiate.

  • Embryonic stem cells which are produced during blastocyst phase of the development of the embryo.
  • Adult stem cells

Recently stem cells are used by doctors to treat problems of hair loss. Unlimited cells are provided by stem cells in a patient and they are independent of the available number of hair follicles. The biggest advantage of stem cell therapy is that it is safe for human use and it is autologous. Even though it is still in an early stage it is gaining reputation as being a good technique for hair restoration.

People are yet to accept stem cell therapy as it is a new technique. It may be the most sought after technique for hair restoration as it gives great results. It is always better to consult the hair specialist to get to the root cause of the problem and get best treatment for the hair.

How does propecia finasteride works

One can grow hairs back if their hair was lost whatever may be reason. Propecia is anti androgen that works to reduce the type two 5 alpha reductase is enzyme responsible for changing testosterone into dihydrotestosterone. When DHT level increase within the scalp hair follicles shrink to a point where they are no longer visible. Propecia works by lowering the levels of dihydrotestosterone within the scalp and as a result helps reduce hair loss and allows hairs to re grow naturally. Propecia contains finasteride as an active ingredient which works to prevent the conversion of testosterone into dihydrotestosterone.

Side effects of Propecia Finasteride

Propecia pills are clinical proven treatment for hair loss. It has also got some side effects like other medicines. Propecia side effects are itching, body rashes on some parts of body. Other than these hives on body, swelling on lips and face, breast enlargement or changes in breast such as lumps, pain in nipple or nipple discharge are side effects can be seen in patient. There are also some rare side effects which patient suffers are loss of sexual desire, decreased amount of semen and impotence or erection problem which remains only while treatment as soon as you stop the propecia tablets these side effects goes away.

Dosage of propecia

Propecia is prescription so should be strictly taken when GMC doctor prescribes you. Propecia 1mg tablet is taken once daily. It is long term treatment which is taken for 12 months if you stop treatment in mid then the result you got may go reverse again. That means once you started propecia tablets you should take for year and if you stop it then you may lose hair you gained earlier through tablets.

Who can take Propecia?

Person allergic to inactive ingredient Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, Microcrystalline cellulose, Hydroxypropyl cellulose LF, Sodium starch glycolate, Pregelatinized starch, Lactose monohydrate, Yellow ferric oxide, Magnesium stearate, Titanium Dioxide, Docusate sodium, Red ferric oxide, Talc should not take propecia. Pregnant women should not handle broken or crushed tablets because it may harm to unborn baby organs.

Propecia UK

Propecia is FDA approved drug and it is available in UK since 1997. Since it is launched it has developed and maintained the faith over male pattern baldness by providing effective result for hair loss. Propecia UK can be ordered online from licensed pharmacy. Following are steps for buying propecia with online pharmacy.

How to buy propecia online

There are many online clinic and online pharmacy which sell medicine. To buy propecia online you have to search for good online clinic where you will have to submit your medical details and personal details which is then evaluated by GMC doctor if he finds that person should be prescribe with propecia then you will get valid prescription after which you can buy propecia online. Before ordering online you should check that if they provide secure online ordering with next day delivery with free of cost. you can enjoy to buy propecia online by sitting at your home or at your office and get the tablets at your door step with free of cost.